The McAlpins

Keith Dumble

Much of my writing focuses on an unlikely trio of characters, entirely separate apart from sharing the same name. Step forward steampunk airship commander Lady Jessica McAlpin, 1950s amateur sleuth Professor Henry McAlpin, and the incomparable Victorian gentleman Balfour Bryce McAlpin.

The McAlpins feature in a series of short serials and novellas, and combine my fascination with history and mystery in their unconnected adventures available to purchase and read now.


Download is my latest serial, a young adult conspiracy theory thriller featuring a girl whose dreams come true, but not in a fairytale way…


Murder Ballads is my psychological thriller, featuring a serial killer stalking the Edinburgh Festival.

Short stories & storytelling

I regularly write short stories and tales intended to be told, sometimes telling them in person at Edinburgh’s many storytelling events. My short stories tend towards the dark and sinister – happy endings are most certainly not guaranteed.

You can mail me at info@keithdumble.com.

Winner: Craigmillar Creative Writing Contest, 2013
Winner: IdeasTap / Mardibooks Short Story Competition, 2013
Winner: Iain Banks-ism short story contest, 2013
Shortlisted: Bloody Scotland Short Story Competition, 2013
Published: New Writing Dundee 8, 2014
Shortlisted: Scottish Book Trust Next Chapter Award, 2014
Appearance: Story Shop, Edinburgh International Book Festival, 2014

– Keith Dumble