The Last Valkyrie – 1: The Long Walk

The world is changing. The old magic is fading, declared as heresy by the Imaginarium and the unstoppable power of their machines.

Ever since she could first wield a sword, Brunhild Helstrom has been devoted to protecting King Harald – a king whose head now sits on a spike outside the palace walls. Now, sentenced to an exile which can only result in a slow and lingering death, Brunhild prepares to turn her back on everything she has known, and take The Long Walk to join her ancestors in the Great Hall.

With the metal warriors of the Iron Legion and the smouldering pyres of the dead behind her, Brunhild is resigned to her fate — until she learns of another path. A chance for justice. For vengeance.

A path which only one may tread — The Last Valkyrie.

The Long Walk is the first episode of an epic dark fantasy serial, set in a land where magic and science are poised to clash in an apocalyptic struggle which will change the world forever.

Published: 20 March 2015
Pages: 64