Suki’s Dream Factory – 1: All That We See Or Seem

The Moon, 2145.

It’s a place where bored Lunars can go to escape the harsh realities of their lives and experience their heart’s deepest desires – for a price.

Suki Sakamoto runs The Factory, a dream simulation facility on the bright side of the Moon. Earth’s satellite has been transformed into a playground for the super-rich — and into a battlefield where massive corporations wage war on each other from lofty boardrooms.

When a dissatisfied executive makes a complaint against the Factory, Suki and her assistant Holly find themselves investigating the disappearance of a woman last seen in Darkside, a place crawling with lowlife drug addicts and criminals.

And when Suki’s quest forces her to confront the sins of her past, she realises there are some things she will never be allowed to forget.

All That We See Or Seem is the first episode in a series of pulp sci-fi cyberpunk adventures featuring Suki Sakamoto, the enigmatic and embittered proprietor of The Dream Factory.

Each episode in the serial can be read standalone, whilst together they build to tell the story of Suki and her colleagues as they struggle to deal with dangers past and present in a future world where technology and money reign supreme.

Published: 25 Feb 2015
Pages: 77