A Spirited Affair

A Spirited Affair

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Edinburgh, 1871.

Meet Balfour Bryce McAlpin: renowned Victorian gentleman, misanthrope and cad-about-town.

When Balfour learns of his friend’s plans to visit a spiritualist medium, he is filled with scorn and skepticism. But when he witnesses the powers of Miss Clarabelle Maxwell first-hand, he soon finds himself under her spell.

Balfour wastes no time in setting about winning the affections of this new object of his desire – but soon discovers that Miss Clarabelle holds a terrible secret which puts his plans in disarray.

Can Balfour put aside his own desires, face his demons and win the heart of Miss Clarabelle?

A humourous novella set in Edinburgh in the 19th century, A Spirited Affair is the first in a series of Balfour Bryce McAlpin misadventures.

Published: 25 May 2014
Pages: 101