The Maid Of The Forth

June, 1953.

Professor Henry McAlpin returns to the popular seaside resort of North Berwick for the first time since the loss of his beloved wife. The celebratory mood at the impending coronation of the young Queen Elizabeth helps to lift his spirits, as does a meeting with a glamourous guest staying at the grand Marine Hotel.

When the holiday atmosphere is rocked by a terrible death, Henry finds himself in the midst of a perplexing series of events, the roots of which stretch back into a past he hoped had been forgotten.

The Maid Of The Forth is a ‘cosy crime’ novella set in a time when the world is facing the future with a renewed sense of optimism and hope, but a world where some secrets refuse to remain buried.

“Highly recommended for an engaging, witty, post-war seaside resort whodunnit! ” – Amazon reviewer

Published: 7 May 2014
Pages: 136