Lady Jessica, Monster Hunter: Episode 5 – The Bloody Tower

England, 1889.

Lady Jessica McAlpin is the commander of The Black Diamonds, the Great British Empire’s covert monster-hunting division.

With her crew of criminals, misfits and desperadoes, Lady Jessica soars above the land in the airship HMS Zephyr, tracking down the diabolical foes of the Empire.

When events in London take a sinister turn, the future of The Black Diamonds looks to be in doubt. Captain William Flint, the half-vampire second-in-command of the HMS Zephyr, takes matters into his own hands. Plagued by devouring darkness and memories of a terrible past, he embarks on what will be his most dangerous mission yet: breaking into the Tower of London, the impregnable fortress at the heart of the Empire.

The Bloody Tower is the fifth episode in a series of action and character driven steampunk adventures featuring Lady Jessica and The Black Diamonds.

Short in length, each episode is designed to be standalone: though they are linked by an overall story arc which will develop as the six-episode ‘season’ progresses.

Published: 29 Sep 2014
Pages: 85

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