Download – Episode 1: Waking Up

Kate Coltrane has dreams… but they’re going to have to wait.

For now, things are getting in the way. Living at home with a mum she hardly ever sees. Trying to avoid the attentions of Charlie, the girl at school who seems intent on making Kate’s life as miserable as possible. And then there’s Josh, the boy with the beautiful brown eyes who doesn’t even seem to know she exists.

Added to all that, there’s the swimming heat. Why on earth did she agree to go in for that and risk embarrassing herself in front of the whole school?

With everything going on, it’s no wonder Kate’s started to have some very strange dreams…

Download is the first episode of a contemporary young adult thriller featuring Kate Coltrane, a normal sixteen-year-old girl who wakes up to the fact that everything she thought was true might only have been a dream…

Published: 23 Oct 2014
Pages: 52