Keith DumbleI have lived in Edinburgh all my life, but I have spent at least one day in every continent on the planet. Unless Antarctica’s a continent. I’ve not been there.

I’ve been fascinated by stories ever since I can remember. I recall paging through books on Greek mythology and Scottish legends when I was a boy and being fascinated by the magical otherness of them all.

Back in the mists of time, I wrote sci-fi short stories, several of which were published in (long defunct) anthologies and fanzines. I won third prize for something to do with creative writing when I was at school.

After years in the wilderness of the real world, I’ve recently returned to writing. It feels like coming home.

I am addicted to custard creams, still have dreams of being in a band, and have finally learned to stop stressing about the matching lengths of my sideburns.

I still live in Edinburgh. It inspires me.

Even if I end up living in Antarctica, it always will.

– Keith Dumble